How To Add Feedjit Live Traffic Feed On Blogger?

Feedjit monitors traffic to your site and ranks it based on popularity and relevance against the traffic received by other Feedjit users in your local area. There is a choice of 4 different widgets: Live Traffic Feed, Live Traffic Map, Recommended Reading, and Page Popularity. Each of these widgets has different functions.

Above image is what a Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Widget would look like.

Feedjit Live Traffic Feed gives you the following details when a visitors comes to your blog:

  • The city and country your visitors are in  
  • The website they arrived from, if any  
  • The page they visited on your website  
  • Which external link they clicked to leave your site, if any

Adding Feedjit Live Traffic Feed On Blogger 

  1. Visit Feedjit
  2. Select Live Traffic Feed.
  3. Click on the Customize It link under Live Traffic Feed. This will allow you to enter colors to match the theme of your blog. If you are in doubt I have found that the easiest method to get the custom colors of a site is to go to the Layout > Page Elements screen in Blogger and click on Add a Gadget and then Adsense. From the configuration screen that pops up you can get the colors of the background, border, title (heading in Feedjit), URL, text. If you use these same colors in your Feedjit widget it will blend in with the rest of your site. You can preview your widget to make sure it looks as you would like it before adding it to your blog.
  4. To automatically add the widget to Blogger select the Click to Add to Blogger Link and follow the instructions. Or to manually add it which I myself prefer right click the code in the box under the heading Live Traffic Feed and select copy.
  5. Navigate to Layout > Page Elements in your blog if that page is not already open
  6. Select Add a Gadget in the Sidebar and then HTML/Javascript
  7. Paste the code by placing the mouse in the box and right clicking and selecting paste
  8. Save the widget and then using the drag and drop feature of Blogger move it to your desired location. Note HTML/Javascript widgets are best placed after your other widgets for faster loading.
  9. Save Template
  10. Click on View Blog to view your newly created Feedjit widget
  11. Click on Options in the Feedjit widget and then Ignore My Browser otherwise the widget will record your visit each time you view your blog. The option on the widget will now change to Stop Ignoring Me which you can reverse by clicking on the link again.If you use more than one browser you will need to tell Feedjit to ignore you for each browser.
This is a tutorial on how get and add Feedjit Traffic Feed Widget to a blogger blog. This live traffic feed will help you see the people who visits your posts and what search phrases they use to get into your blog.  This Feedjit Live Traffic Feed widget is easy to get and it only takes less than 5 minutes to install it into your own blog.

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Boryana said...

I can not find where is #11 - Options on the Widget. Could you please help me with that. I tried to right click on the widget in my blog but I still didnt see this Options...

jai cuizon said...

@Boryana: it's in the lower part of the widget. Try to check it.

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