How To Add Random Posts Widget On Blogger?

Random posts widget is another great widget and very important in a blog also if you want to show your readers other stuffs you have in your blog. This widget I have here display some of your posts randomly. Same as the related posts widget but different because this only shows your other posts either related or not. Below is an image of this widget.

1.  Go to your Dashboard > Design.
2.  Then click on Add a Gadget and select HTML/JavaScript.
3.  Copy the code below and paste on the  HTML/JavaScript gadget.

<script type="text/javascript">
var randarray = new Array();var l=0;var flag;
var numofpost=6;function randomposts(json){
var total = parseInt(json.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t,10);
for(i=0;i < numofpost;){flag=0;randarray.length=numofpost;l=Math.floor(Math.random()*total);for(j in randarray){if(l==randarray[j]){ flag=1;}}
for(n in randarray){ var p=randarray[n];var entry=json.feed.entry[p-1];
for(k=0; k <; k++){if([k].rel=='alternate'){var item = "<li>" + "<a href=" +[k].href + ">" + entry.title.$t + "</a> </li>";
<script src="/feeds/posts/default?alt=json-in-script&start-index=1&max-results=1000&callback=randomposts" type="text/javascript"></script>
4.  Preview your blog.
5.  If you can see the gadget running perfectly then SAVE it.


 numofpost=6 - the number of posts to be shown in the widget. You can change the numerical value as you want.

Just follow the steps and you will have it in your blog in no time. Leave a comment you have something to say. ^^

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How To Add A 3D Spherical Animated Tag Cloud For Blogger?

Tag Cloud, Categories, Labels or whatever they call call it. These widgets are very important in a blog. This helps a user to navigate further your blog easily. The usual widget shows the list of the labels you have in your post which is kinda normal to a blog. Some bloggers are experimental in nature and want some new stuff running in their blogs and this widget fit them most.

This widget is a 3D Spherical Animated Tag Cloud Widget. As the name implies, this animated so the labels or categories that it shows are moving. Or not really, if a visitor hover his mouse to the widget then the labels will start rotating in a spherical pattern. Nice huh! Below is an image of the widget I have in my blog.

Add 3D Spherical Animated Tag Cloud On Blogger:

1.  Go to your Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
2.  Find the code below:

<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>
3.  Copy the code below and paste it direct under the code in step 2:

<b:widget id='Label99' locked='false' title='Tag Cloud' type='Label'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:title'>
<div class='widget-content'>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<div id='flashcontent'>Blogumulus</div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var so = new SWFObject(&quot;;, &quot;tagcloud&quot;, &quot;160&quot;, &quot;200&quot;, &quot;7&quot;, &quot;#ffffff&quot;);
// uncomment next line to enable transparency
//so.addParam(&quot;wmode&quot;, &quot;transparent&quot;);
so.addVariable(&quot;tcolor&quot;, &quot;0x800060&quot;);
so.addVariable(&quot;mode&quot;, &quot;tags&quot;);
so.addVariable(&quot;distr&quot;, &quot;true&quot;);
so.addVariable(&quot;tspeed&quot;, &quot;100&quot;);
so.addVariable(&quot;tagcloud&quot;, &quot;<tags><b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'><a expr:href='data:label.url' style='12'><></a></b:loop></tags>&quot;);
so.addParam(&quot;allowScriptAccess&quot;, &quot;always&quot;);
<b:include name='quickedit'/>
4.  Preview your blog.
5.  If you see the widget running perfectly then SAVE it.


Find the numbers below and change it as you needed.

Text color: 800060 (purple in as default in the code above)
Height: 200 px
Width: 160 px
Font size: 12

Hope you have the widget running perfectly in your blog. Leave a comment if there's something wrong. ^^

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A Guide On How To Start Blogging

A lot of people around the world wants to blog, but the question in their mind is how? Blogging actually is not an easy thing to do. You need to set your mind that blogging is all about visitors. You need visitors to read your blog post of course, if not then why do you blog? Below are simple steps that I made for those who want to blog but doesn't know where to start. Read carefully the steps below and your on your way to blogging.

Step 1
Get A Blog - You can sign up for a free blog in either or or you can buy a domain and pay for hosting services if you afford. There are advantages and disadvantages of a free domain and hosting versus a paid one. It’s best to have your own domain since you have more freedom to do what you want in your blog not to mention the limited features in free hosted services. If you know a little in Wordpress blogging then I would suggest enhancing your abilities or knowledge in Wordpress because of its flexibility and features that makes it a good blogging platform. But incase you don’t know a little about blogging then start with the blogger platform because it has a user friendly interface and very easy to understand.

Step 2
Use A Search Engine Optimized Theme – There are several sources of visitors to your blog. The main source should be people coming from the search engines. Therefore our ultimate objective is to make it to the top of the Search engines or what we know as the S.E.R.P. (Search Engine Results Page). The least likely people will find your blog if your blog is far from the SERF. Search engines use a certain algorithm to rank web pages. Search engines do this by sending “bots or crawlers” to scour over the internet to gather data on blogs and websites. When the search engine crawler goes over our blog, we want the crawler to be pleased. We want it to place our blog in the first few pages of the SERP for certain keywords we are trying to optimize.

How do we achieve this? We can simply do this by using a “Search engine friendly” theme. Actually, there’s a lot of this kind of theme in the net. Just search for the keyword “Search engine friendly theme” in the search engines. Or click HERE for some search engine friendly themes that you may like.

Step 3
Join Communities - There are a lot of online blogger communities out there. The saying “No man is an island” very well applies to blogging only this time it might be more proper to say “No blog is an island.” It is very important to join your local blogging community. Connect with local, national and even international bloggers. Attend blog conferences, meet ups and parties if you have the time. You not only gain some new friends, you also get some link love and perhaps some fans.

Interact With The Blogging Community - This can be done by joining and contributing in forums, doing some blog hopping and commenting on other people’s blog. This is one sure way of bringing in blog visitors. It not only helps in attracting other bloggers to visit your site, it also helps you connect with them. Once other bloggers visit your blog and they like your content, they might give you some link love and might even be able to bring more visitors to your blog. Joining ad exchanges like Entrecard ( could also help a lot.

Step 5
Use Conventional Methods In Propaganda Propagation – Propaganda is spread by leaflets, posters, lectures to marginal sectors and utilizing other forms of media available. This principle can also be applied on blogging. Here is some conventional propaganda suggestions that may help let the whole world know that your blog exist: Conventional Methods On Propaganda Propagation In Blogging

Step 6
Slowly Learn SEO While Blogging – This is my last step but definitely not the least. SEO is very important in blogging. By doing SEO you can get a reasonable number of visitors everyday. If you think doing SEO is an easy thing, well you’re wrong! This is the very reason why most of the blogs don’t succeed. Unless you’re a born genius about the World Wide Web thing then SEO might be an easy thing. That’s why I said “slowly learn SEO” because it’s really not easy to learn such thing. Do blogging and the same time learn SEO so that you won’t end up a loser in blogging. It’s slowly but surely they say.

There is only one thing I could say if you want to start blogging,”If you want to blog then blog for life.” Drop a comment if you have something to say! ^^

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Conventional Methods On Propaganda Propagation In Blogging

Propaganda is spread by leaflets, posters, lectures to marginal sectors and utilizing other forms of media available. This principle can also be applied on how to blog. Below are some conventional propaganda suggestions that may help let the whole world know that your blog exist.

a.)Social networking sites, email and instant messaging – Inform your friends of your new blog through bulletins, shout outs, email messages etc. You can also write a very interesting article, post half of it to your bulletin and leave a message that if they want to read the rest of the article they could go to your site.

b.) Write interesting, socially relevant article and submit it to your local press – Write an article that addresses current issues and submit it to your local press whether radio or newspapers. Do not forget to put a brief author’s bio at the end of the article. Indicate your blog’s address. Who knows, someday if your local media wants a resource person in blogging, they might tap you.

c.) Have your blog address printed everywhere – Have it printed in your car, your calling cards, your pictures, your shirt etc, just about everything you can have it printed on !

d.) Be involved in blogging evangelism – They say only 1 % of the world’s entire population is involved in blogging. You can help promote blogging by telling people about it. This way you can also promote your blog. If you have an opportunity to address several people (Like teaching in a class) find ways and opportunities to promote blogging and in the long run promote your blog also.

e.) Utilize videos and pictures to promote your blog – Have an account at Youtube ( or an interesting picture site. Upload interesting pictures and videos to those site and make sure to place your blog URL in order to invite visitors to visit your blog.

These are just some known methods in advertising your blog and have some visitors. There are a lot of good ideas in the net on how to tell people that your blog exist. Utilize all the possible ways.

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The Periodic Table For SEO Ranking Factors

Majority of bloggers are no strangers in the concept of search engine ranking factors. In this community, everyone would be pleased if there's a new factor discovered that may provide a great potential  ranking boost. Of course, everyone in the blogging community would love that. In this post, you can see a Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors. This is a table made to better understand or help the blogging community in their adventure for Search Engine Optimization.

Full  Periodic Table
Want to rank well? 
  • It is still very important to have quality content ( Cq ). It's the reason why it's the first factor listed on the chart.
  • It is still very important to have conducted proper keyword research ( Cr ). A topic that sometimes feels forgotten in the quest for more exotic ranking factors.
  • The locality of a searcher ( Pl ) -- has grown into a major ranking factor that can seem all-but-forgotten by some SEOs who assume that "normal" results still exist and can somehow be found by running proxies or using the pws=0 trick. Google personalizes results down to the metropolitan level in the US and elsewhere. Good luck "adjusting" for that to get your "normal" results.

A Closer Look

This periodic table shows us on  where to focus to succeed in SEO. It is very important to see the big stuff that matters most in SEO and do your best in implementing it in your site or blog. Try undertanding the periodic table and you will see that it is a very good guide in SEO in just one table.

Drop a comment if you have something to say! ^^

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