Conventional Methods On Propaganda Propagation In Blogging

Propaganda is spread by leaflets, posters, lectures to marginal sectors and utilizing other forms of media available. This principle can also be applied on how to blog. Below are some conventional propaganda suggestions that may help let the whole world know that your blog exist.

a.)Social networking sites, email and instant messaging – Inform your friends of your new blog through bulletins, shout outs, email messages etc. You can also write a very interesting article, post half of it to your bulletin and leave a message that if they want to read the rest of the article they could go to your site.

b.) Write interesting, socially relevant article and submit it to your local press – Write an article that addresses current issues and submit it to your local press whether radio or newspapers. Do not forget to put a brief author’s bio at the end of the article. Indicate your blog’s address. Who knows, someday if your local media wants a resource person in blogging, they might tap you.

c.) Have your blog address printed everywhere – Have it printed in your car, your calling cards, your pictures, your shirt etc, just about everything you can have it printed on !

d.) Be involved in blogging evangelism – They say only 1 % of the world’s entire population is involved in blogging. You can help promote blogging by telling people about it. This way you can also promote your blog. If you have an opportunity to address several people (Like teaching in a class) find ways and opportunities to promote blogging and in the long run promote your blog also.

e.) Utilize videos and pictures to promote your blog – Have an account at Youtube ( or an interesting picture site. Upload interesting pictures and videos to those site and make sure to place your blog URL in order to invite visitors to visit your blog.

These are just some known methods in advertising your blog and have some visitors. There are a lot of good ideas in the net on how to tell people that your blog exist. Utilize all the possible ways.


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