The Periodic Table For SEO Ranking Factors

Majority of bloggers are no strangers in the concept of search engine ranking factors. In this community, everyone would be pleased if there's a new factor discovered that may provide a great potential  ranking boost. Of course, everyone in the blogging community would love that. In this post, you can see a Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors. This is a table made to better understand or help the blogging community in their adventure for Search Engine Optimization.

Full  Periodic Table
Want to rank well? 
  • It is still very important to have quality content ( Cq ). It's the reason why it's the first factor listed on the chart.
  • It is still very important to have conducted proper keyword research ( Cr ). A topic that sometimes feels forgotten in the quest for more exotic ranking factors.
  • The locality of a searcher ( Pl ) -- has grown into a major ranking factor that can seem all-but-forgotten by some SEOs who assume that "normal" results still exist and can somehow be found by running proxies or using the pws=0 trick. Google personalizes results down to the metropolitan level in the US and elsewhere. Good luck "adjusting" for that to get your "normal" results.

A Closer Look

This periodic table shows us on  where to focus to succeed in SEO. It is very important to see the big stuff that matters most in SEO and do your best in implementing it in your site or blog. Try undertanding the periodic table and you will see that it is a very good guide in SEO in just one table.

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Paula Rich said...

I have no idea how many SEO agencies have cropped up over the last couple years...but I'm guessing it's a lot. The industry has really blown up and that's amazing given the economic climate elsewhere around the world. Truly a cool success story.

jai cuizon said...

@Paula Rich: Yeah sure your right.

seoloom said... watch animated version of the Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors presented by

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