How To Select A Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Theme/Template?

The adventure of Search Engine Optimization is very hard than anyone can imagine. Search Engines does not have a constant result for every searched item. This depends on a lot of factors that makes bloggers hard to be on top of every search. Backlink is said to be the number one factor for a blog to be in the first page results.

Have you think about this? Your theme or template has something to do in optimizing your blog on search engines. Yes, that’s right! New bloggers don’t have the knowledge about Search Engine Optimization as a whole. That’s why most of them end up with a messed and unknown blog. So better have a Search Engine Optimized theme/template now.

Select A Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Theme/Template with: 
  1. Optimized Title Tag - This means that post title appears first before the blog title. You will notice if you will do a search in Google, for example, some of the permalink of the search items shows the blog title first then the post title. Well, to have an optimized theme, you need to have your title tag optimized also. This can be fixed by a plugin but remember that plugin can slow down your blog. So better have it in your theme.
  1. The Content Loads First Before The Sidebar – Every blogger should know this, crawlers read the part of the blog that loads first. So if the sidebar loads first then the crawlers won’t read your targeted keywords first since you have those in your content or blog posts.
  1. Extensive Use Of Header Tags – Blog title, post title and other sub-titles should have h1, h2 and h3 tags respectively. Better use this in your blog since search engines put weights on these tags.
  1. A Footer – The footer of the blog gives you a sitewide link to a post you want to optimize. Others say that footer links are not weighted heavily by search engines but they got it wrong. A lot SEO contests results show that footer links help a lot. Readers may not notice this links but search engines still count them as links.

  1. Only 1 Credit Link For The Theme Maker – We know that we have to give credits to the theme maker but too much is not good for the blog. One sitewide link is enough for the theme maker. We don’t want to waste too much Google juice for the theme. Links are important that’s why use them wisely.

That would be my suggestions in choosing the right theme/template for your blog. Feel free to add some if you have something in your mind. ^^



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