How To Optimize Title Tags For SEO?

Within the Head section of a page the Title is contained between the open and close tags of the <title> element. The Title tag content, unlike other parts of the Head section, is viewable without having to open the source HTML of the page. In most browsers, the page Title will appear in your browser window. You can see it on the top of your browser window.

 Importance Of Title Tags In Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • The title tags are very important from the search engine point of view. This is because all major and minor search engines place much weights on these tags (and use these tags to gather information about an website) in comparison to all other aspects.
  • Many major search engines like Google and Yahoo! display title tags of a web page as a heading in their SERPs (Search engine results page) followed by a brief description of the content were the keywords appear.
  • The title tags helps the user in finding out which page he is on. Almost all popular browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, display title tags on the top bar as well as the bottom. Firefox 1.0 uses title tags to describe 'tabs'. This makes title tags extremely important from the web usability point of view as well.

 Optimizing Title Tag:

Title tags are most important when it comes to search engine optimization as all major search engines including Google.They place much importance on them. In fact title tags are used by search engines to gather information about a web page. So it is a matter of logic that if the title tag does not match the content of the web page then the search engine may not give the page any ranking at all. As title tags and the web page content are two inseparable things it becomes a necessity to understand the webpage content (or what the webpage is all about) before finalizing on the title tag text. (It should be noted that title tags are specific to a single web page and not to the entire website). So it would be logical to assume that title tags should be written based on the webpage content.

Things to remember to have an optimized title tags:
  • Keep the Title 12 words or less.
  • High-priority phrases should be utilized within the first 70 characters of the Title tag.
  • The maximum usage for any particular word is two.
  • Use as many high-priority keyword phrases as you can given the recommended usage limits.
  • Utilize keyword phrases in the exact way they are searched. Please note that word order is important and you should use stop words if they are commonly included in the query.
  • Make sure that keywords targeted in your page Title accurately reflect the topic of the page.
  • Do not utilize keywords or phrases more than once in page Titles without a specific reason for doing so.
Title tags are definitely one of the "big three" as far as the algorithmic weight given to them by search engines; they are equally as important as your visible text copy and the links pointing to your pages – perhaps even more.


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