How To Add ShareThis Floating Sharing Buttons?

Sharing buttons nowadays helps a lot bloggers to have more visitors in their blogs. That's why a lot of sharing widget pop ups in the from somewhere. It is indeed a very helpful widget to all bloggers. But the conventional sharing widget is getting boring that's why some people are making ways to make this kind of widget very special.
Now, the evolution of this widget has come. Hovering or floating sharing widgets are now in. And ShareThis site has made their own version. Below is the screenshot of the Hovering ShareThis Buttons in Beta.

Adding ShareThis Hovering Sharing Buttons

  • Then, customize your hovering buttons in the site. Originally they features Facebook, Twitter,Google Buzz,Linkedin,Email,ShareThis buttons but you can select to use or not all that buttons in the customization.
  • After customizing, you can now get your code. A button is under the the page saying "Get the Code", you just have to click it and then a page will pop-up with the codes in it.
  • The first code is the script tags. You just have to put it anywhere in the "head" section of your blog HTML. Just go on your Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML then find this code: <head>. Then put the script tags directly below the code as I preferred or anywhere under it.
  • The second code is the widget script. Just go on your Dashboard > Design > Page Element then Add Gadget and select HTML/JavaScript. Save it after.

There you go. You now have your Hovering or Floating ShareThis Sharing Buttons. Hope you like this guide. Drop a comment if your having some problems in adding this buttons. ^^


Mua sắm vui said...

Thanks ! it's nice ! i have added few day and it's run well

Grace said...

Thanks for sharing :D I really need to know this one cause Twitter marks spam to short url links from other buttons.

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