How To Create Back Links To Your Blog?

Back links are one of the strongest factors that push your blog to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Here are more suggestions on how to create/get more back links or more specifically one way links.

“Link exchanging is a good practice in blogging since you’ll be able to increase the incoming links to your blog, thereby increasing your blog’s Pagerank and your ranking on search engine for your target keywords. However, search engines are improving their search algorithm too, especially Google, that link exchanges are given less credit nowadays. So using other means of creating or getting back links is necessary. 

Aside from the link exchanging thing, it would be very helpful if you’ll give one – way links to your blog or to a blog post you are optimizing. One-way link is a link from a site that you did not link back. So, where can we get those one-way links? Here is a list of activities that can generate those one way links.

Creating Back Links To Your Blog To Increase Blog Pagerank

a.)Forum Signatures. Are you an active forum member? Take advantage of that signature which is displayed at the bottom of every post you made. Usually, forum members use their signatures for their affiliate links to get referrals. Well, you use this signature to link back to your blog or a certain blog post you are optimizing. Imagine if you already have more than a hundred posts in a single forum. A simple change to your forum signature equals more than a hundred one way link to your blog or a blog post you are optimizing.

b.) Three-way Link Exchanges. This one is simple. You link to my blog. I link to your blog using my other blog. Those are all one-way links.

c.) Link Baiting. This is the best way to get one-way link, but the hardest to get. You post something interesting, people like it and link to it.

d.) Sharing Blog Theme. If you know how to create a blog theme, you should use that skill to create more back links to your site. You can put a link to your blog in the HTML of the theme and if people found the theme you made and use it in their blog then you create a one – way links to your blog. Imagine a thousand of bloggers uses your theme that means a thousand of easy one – way links to your blog.

e.) Links From Your Other Blogs. If you have several blog’s that has a good pageranks, use it for link loving goodness. Sometimes, putting a sitewide link to them really helps if you want to get a high ranking for a certain keyword, especially if your targeting seasonal keywords such as the Pacquiao-Marquez fight or any incoming event.

f.) Directory Submissions. Submit your blogs to all the free search engine friendly directories out there. If you’re clueless where to get them, here’s something to start with. Just select the free directories, not the paid one or the ones asking for reciprocal links. There are plenty of them that could keep you busy every day.

A thing to remember, SEO includes a lot of waiting. You don’t do that overnight and expect changes the next day. Do it tonight, fand expect improvement after 3 to 6 months if your blog is new. You really need patience in blogging. And you need a lot of it to succeed in this little blogging sideline. Just make sure you target the right keywords so that if you hit the first page, the traffic pours and your earnings increase.

Drop a comment if you have something to add or reaction to back link building. ^^


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